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Get outside and have fun on the water - enjoy some sailing or fishing - hire a canoe or go for a walk along one of the nature trails. Walk or cycle along peaceful bridle paths and enjoy the stunning views, we really have very big skies not to mention our magnificent big starry skies at night. 

Bring your binoculars not only for spotting birds and wildlife but also for the star show - grab a blanket and head outside for a no-light unpolluted star show treat, light the fire pit and cook up some food, open up a bottle and then lay back, cuddle up and star gaze - even if the temperature dips you'll still be snuggly.

We are close to the fine city of Norwich, the market town of Aylsham, the fishing ports of Sheringham and Cromer, the shopping town of Holt, riding the snails and eating donuts at Great Yarmouth or jumping on a boat at Wroxham. As well as lots of places with activities for children such as zoos, farm parks, adventure centers, large theme parks, water parks, outdoor mazes, cafes, restaurants, farm shops and indoor play.

So much to do here for all ages and all abilities in Norfolk

Not forgetting the steam trains that you can hear from our garden as they toot-toot when they are coming into the station at Burgh. You can jump on and head off around Norfolk. Perhaps you are a plane spotter or aviation enthusiast. Norwich airport is just down the road. We also have smaller clubs that accept light aircraft here too. 

Or are you an equestrian and would like to take a days hack and enjoy our countryside.. our area offers this too. Saddle up and take our picnic with you for a wonderful day out.

We have an abundance of historic homes that are open to the public, the National Trust houses are on our doorstep and they have cafes and book shops.. some have little garden shops as well as gift shops for you to get a momentum of your visit. They all have their own parking areas and onsite toilets.

Another wonderfully lovely seasonal event is seeing the seals at Horsey when they have their pups - please be respectful and make sure you follow the wardens guidelines on approaching the seals and how close you are allowed to get. Another seal expedition is going on a boat trip off Blakeney and seeing the seals on the islands. You can also have pre-arranged trips out here to watch the birds too. John Beans Boats, Bishops Boats, Temples Boats and Ptarmigan all offer seal trips.

There are lots of bird watching visitor centres up on the coast. Summer is the time to look for spotted redshanks and wood, green and common sandpipers. You may catch sight of a pectoral sandpiper and red-necked phalarope. Autumn bird watching is dominated by migration with large numbers of geese and ducks returning for the winter and thousands of thrushes and finches migrate, returning from their summer breeding grounds. Robins, starlings and goldcrests arrive for winter and there may be sightings of wryneck. Main centres in our area are: Cley Marshes Visitor Centre and

Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

In Winter, North Norfolk is famous for the largest and most varied concentrations of geese in the country. The pink footed geese arrive from their breeding grounds in Iceland and Greenland to spend the winter here. You will also see birds of prey, especially hen harrier, peregrine, merlin and short-eared owl. A sight not to miss is the spectacular raptors coming in to roost in the Broads.
Book your accommodation in advance to not miss it.

Or you could venture in to the city and hear all about Norwich's history, go round the medieval castle, dungeons and battlements or check out the Natural History Gallery or even more exciting.. you can view the mummies at the Egyptian Collection and then enjoy an evening Ghost Story Tour ending up at Norwich’s oldest pub that has been serving drinks for at least 750 years. As an alehouse, the pub is first recorded in 1249, when it was being used by workman building the cathedral. We even have history in our pubs. 

Little fact.. Norwich has more medieval churches than any other city in Northern Europe. Once upon a time Norwich had 365 pubs - one for each day of the year and 52 churches.. 
so you can repent in a different one each week.

The choices for dining go from chips on the beach to 5 star restaurants. Various cuisines.. international, or home cooked English.. what ever your taste buds you'll do well here. 
And fancy a night out, that's ok book a taxi and off you pop, Norwich and Yarmouth both have a superb nightlife - what do you fancy? Cabaret, Nightclubs, Jazz?

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Bure Valley Railways

The Railway is built on the trackbed of the former Great Eastern Railway between Wroxham and Aylsham. 

North Norfolk Railway

From the smart Victorian seaside resort of Sheringham to the Georgian town of Holt, the North Norfolk Railway runs through the county’s most stunning coastal scenery.

Whitwell and Reepham Railway Station

Step back in time and explore our collection of steam engines, jump aboard for a ride or relax with a bite to eat in our gardens

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