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History of our home:

Built around the 17th century in origin, they think it was 1652Possibly the servants house for the masters home opposite.

The author of Black Beauty - Anna Sewell, lived here - in our home with her Grandparents and her family.

The Sewell family were the owners of the entire Dudwick Estate. 


They say she loved the peace, and the tranquility that the estate gave Anna and

her mother. They were able to write and draw with more passion due to the

locations wonderfully calm giving nature.


Anna's mother was a published author too.

Anna learned to ride while staying with her grandparents and found her

passion and love for horses. Here is an extract from chapter of Black Beauty

which describes the fictional 'Birtwick Park'..


'Squire Gordon's park skirted the village of Birtwick.

It was entered by a large iron gate, at which stood the first lodge;

and then you trotted along on a smooth road between clumps of large old trees.


Soon you passed another lodge and another gate, which brought you to the house and gardens.


Beyond this lay the home paddock, the old orchard, and the stables. There was accommodation for many horses and carriages; but I need only describe the stable into which I was taken. This was very roomy, with four good stalls. A large swinging window opened into the yard; this made it pleasant and airy.'

We are the second property she talks about and now on those same paddocks that she spoke of.. we have our own sheep grazing and we still have the iron gates (albeit newer ones). Anna was buried at a Quaker Chapel in a nearby village called Lamas. The chapel has now been turned into a house - but her gravestone is mounted into the roadside wall. Anna died a year after Black Beauty was published and so never lived to see how popular it would become - Black Beauty's sales are equaling those of Charles Dickens.

The history of our home is rather lovely and more enchanting as we learn more and more about it. A Grade II Listed Building, built around 1652 with original leaded glazing and gothic  heads as well as original beams and original features. It is a real typically English country property that we are proud to call home.

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By George Dudley Nov 1935

Dudwick Cottage on the left. Dudwick House on the right

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